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Google Code-in 2010 Sahana Software Foundation

Fix One Easy Bug for Sahana Eden

completed by: Taras Klaskovsky

mentors: Michael Howden, Pat Tressel, Praneeth, nursix, assad, Robert M. O'Connor


Pick from the easy bugs for new Eden developers and submit a patch for one bug:

When you've picked out a bug, please post a comment here, with a link to the bug ticket.

Please upload a patch to the ticket page in Trac and also submit your work in Melange (so we can mark it as complete) - a link to the ticket will be fine.

Information about Sahana Eden is here:

Information for developers (about getting a copy of the source code and working on it) starts here:

We recommend using the virtual machine kit we've put together. It has all the source code and anything it depends on, plus a development environment -- Eclipse -- that lets you set breakpoints and examine variables in the server code. Firefox is installed with Firebug for viewing web page information and communication with the server.

Please join us on IRC: channel #sahana-eden.  If you don't have an IRC client, try

You can join the mailing list at:

Note that email about the task sent by Melange may end up in your spam folder, so if you claim this task, be sure to check your spam folder for messages.