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Google Code-in 2010 Sahana Software Foundation

Verify 5 Bugs in Sahana Eden

completed by: Ivan Mateev

mentors: Michael Howden, Pat Tressel

See for detailed instructions.

Important!  If you have already done one of these tasks, please re-read the instructions -- they have been changed.  Main changes:  1) There is a new list of bugs that selects just the ones that are useful to verify.  2) Please put GCI in the ticket's Keywords and submit *before* you start on the bug, so other students know you're working on it.

Please join us on IRC: channel #sahana-eden.  If you don't have an IRC client, try

You can join the mailing list at:

Note that email about the task sent by Melange may end up in your spam folder, so if you claim this task, be sure to check your spam folder for messages.