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Google Code-in 2010 Sahana Software Foundation

Fix Bug #826 in Sahana Eden

completed by: Natan Yellin

mentors: Michael Howden, Pat Tressel, Praneeth, nursix, Robert M. O'Connor

Fix reported bug #826 in Sahana Eden: 

Cannot Add New "Need Type"





Every project provides a "Need Type."

For example, the default list of "Need Types" include:
1) People Needing Water
2) People Needing Shelter
3) People Needing Food

It would be useful to add a new type (e.g. People Needing Hugs), but clicking on the "Add Need Type" button shows an error.

Assuming that you're running the default test server on your own machine, you can test this athttp://localhost:8000/eden/project/activity