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Google Code-in 2010 Tux4Kids

Add "smart bomb" collectible power-up to TuxMath comet game

completed by: Johndhel Maceda

mentors: David Bruce

For this task, create a special comet that will fly horizontally across the screen near the top.  The existing comet svg images can be modified by rotating them 90 degrees and changing the predominant color to something striking (e.g. bright green-yellow).  The comet should cross the screen in approximately two seconds (make this easy to change with a #define), and be accompanied by a distinctive sound.  Also, make sure this "super-bonus" comet draws in front of the ordinary comets.  The super-bonus comet should randomly appear, with a probability of 1% each time a comet is created (also make this easy to change with a #define).


If the player answers the question before the super-bonus comet leaves the screen, he/she is rewarded with a "smart bomb" that can be used once to zap all the comets on the screen simultaneously.  The available smart bombs can be indicated by icons drawn along the lower right side of the screen.  To use one, the player can click on the icon or type the letter 'B'.

Work from Git:

git clone git://