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Google Code-in 2010 Tux4Kids

Add description field to menu items for TuxMath's menu

completed by: Sam T.

mentors: David Bruce

In a recent task, code was added to the t4k_common library to support a "tooltips" panel displaying additional information about the currently selected menu item.  To see this in action, you need to build and install the latest build of t4k_common from the git repository.


The menus in tuxmath are specified in a xml file, located at "data/menus/main_menu.xml"

To make use of the tooltips feature, each menu item needs to have a "desc" attribute.  This task is to add appropriate descriptions to each of the menu items in main_menu.xml.


<menu title="Play Alone" sprite="alone" entries="5">

could become:

<menu title="Play Alone" sprite="alone" entries="5" desc="Activities for a single player">


So, play around with tuxmath for a while, make sure you understand what all the menu items are for, and provide good descriptions.


Git repos:

git clone git://

git clone git://