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Google Code-in 2010 Tux4Kids

Create a python script to check the html inside the translations of a gettext file.

completed by: Natan Yellin

mentors: Pere Pujal i Carabantes

In the website of Tuxpaint, we use gettext for translations.

Many ofthe strings have html in them, like

#: ../index.php3:57
msgid ""
"Tux Paint is <b>free</b>, Open Source software, distributed under the terms "
"of the GNU <a href=\"docs/COPYING.txt\">General Public License</a>."
msgstr ""
"Tux Paint és programari de codi obert, <b>lliure</b> i gratuït, distribuït "
"sota la <a href=\"docs/COPYING.txt\">Llicència General Pública</a> de GNU."

The goal is to create a script to verify the correctness of the html stuff in the translated string and its correspondence with the original string.