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Google Code-in 2010 The Battle For Wesnoth

Installation video tutorial - Wesnoth UMC Java Plugin - Linux

completed by: ScienceJust

mentors: Timotei


You will create a video tutorial/screencast for showing a complete workflow for installing and running the Wesnoth UMC(User Made Content) Plugin - an Eclipse + java plugin -  on Linux (any version). The video is aimed for teaching other people (both technical and non-technical) how to use the software. So, you will have to be sure that you go on a not very fast pace, so everyone will be able to follow you. You can record your voice instructions aswell, but only if it's good enough so most people will be able to understand it. You will have to create a sort of transcript eventually, which will consist of short instructions from time to time like: "Step x. Installing software y". This could be embedded in the movie itself, or added as annotatinos on youtube video.

Requirements (expected technical knowledge):

The ability to record your desktop and process the video, so it will look good in the end. You will need to know how to use Screen Recording software, Video Editing software and maybe Video encoding software, to save the video in HD format.

Expected time for completion:

Depending on the proficiency, it will take 2 up to 4 days. After the mentor is fine with the current video version, you will be given the wesnoth's youtube account, and upload it. The videos drafts will be uploaded by you into your own account, or another method of uploading the file, so the mentor can view it and give you feedback.


  1. Final video encoded in normal (480p) and HD format(780p, optionally 1080p)
  2. Video uploaded on youtube. (You will be provided with wesnoth's channel username and password)
  3. If the video doesn't have annotations in itself, you are required to add them using YouTube's annotations feature.


  1. This is the README you should follow, for installing, running and setup the UMC Plugin:
  2. Video editing software:
  1. YouTube help for making/editing/uploading videos:
  2. If the video involves music/sounds you can use Wesnoth's sounds or music, that are found in: data/core/sounds and data/core/music of the wesnoth installation directory.
  3. You will need a rather good computer to do the recording/encoding.
  4. You could use a virtual machine (eg. Virtual Box, VMWare, QEMU) to practice the installation prior to recording it, so you will get familiar with the setup process

If you have any questions/problems, please come over by our wesnoth channel: #wesnoth-dev on, or if you don't have an irc client, you can go to:, and enter the #wesnoth-dev channel.

Timotei's irc nickname is:  timotei/timotei21