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Google Code-in 2010 The Battle For Wesnoth

Dutch translations: wesnoth-units

completed by: Grimling

mentors: Alexander van Gessel


Your task is to translate the unit descriptions. You can download the file containing the translations from:*checkout*/wesnoth/trunk/po/wesnoth-units/nl.po.

Requirement (expected technical knowledge)

For this task there is not much technical knowledge required. You just need to be able to open a text file in either a text editor or a special program for internationalizations (e.g. Poedit but there are others as well). You need to have some basic knowledge of English and need to be able to produce "correct" text in Dutch.


Hard to say. In general it is a rather easy task, though it is really difficult to do it "perfectly". Basically you have to be able to tell a good story. If you are good at doing this, it is easy. If you have extreme problems with the language you want to translate into and are not much into writing stuff this is a really hard task.

Deliverable/expected proof

You produce an updated nl.po containing new translations.

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