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Google Code-in 2010 The Battle For Wesnoth

Create a short tutorial on using git-svn in the context of Wesnoth

completed by: Grimling

mentors: Mark de Wever

This task is about writing a short tutorial about git-svn in the context of Wesnoth, similar to the wiki page about SVN [1]. It should provide some general information on the steps required for "everyday work", meaning:

  • checkout (including switching the checkout to your user so that you can commit!)
  • update
  • commit
  • working with different "branches" (eg trunk and branches/1.8)
  • log
  • diff
  • revert
  • blame
  • working with the stash

Optionally mentioning equivalent (where appropriate!) commands for svn could be mentioned to make the transition easier. Wesnoth does not have a real git repository but does offer git-svn for those interested. The URL of the repo should not be mentioned on the page but something like "ask the people on the IRC chan #wesnoth-dev" would be a good solution.



Create a wikipage with the information requested in the task. Link this wiki page (suggested name: GIT-SVN [2]) as submitted work.