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Google Code-in 2010 The Battle For Wesnoth

Complete Wesnoth 1.9 Russian translation for campaign: Dead Water

completed by: Mikhail Melnik

mentors: Victor Sergienko


Your task is to translate new and update "fuzzy" text for Wesnot 'Dead Water' campaign in 1.9 version. You can download the file containing the translations from:

You can find required strings in the file by using 'Poedit' software, it will display untranslated and fuzzy strings on the top of the list.

"wesnoth-dw" textdomain is about 95 new strings and 14 fuzzy to update.

Requirement (expected technical knowledge)

Poedit or other 'po' file translation software is highly recommended, as it's necessary to distinguish missing and fuzzy strings across rather big 'po' file. You need to have some basic knowledge of English and need to be able to produce "correct" text in Russian.


Varies depending on quality of the translation. In general it is a rather easy task, though it is really difficult to do it "perfectly". Basically you need to be able to write in correct and stylish Russian. If you are good at doing this, it is easy. If you have extreme problems with the language you want to translate into and are not much into writing stuff, this is a really hard task.

Deliverable/expected proof

You produce an updated wesnoth-dw/ru.po containing new and updated translations.