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Google Code-in 2010 The Battle For Wesnoth

Find out what the manual lacks and compile a report for writers

completed by: Thibault FĂ©vry

mentors: Steven Panek

The game's manual is likely outdated, thus we need you to perform research and observation so that you can compile a report that will be usable for writers so that they can bring the manual up to date.


  • The ability to understand and write in English
  • The ability to observe well
  • The ability to do research well


You have been given 121 hours to complete this task. The research part of this task would likely take about eight hours to complete.


We expect you to observe the game and take note of all gameplay elements, features, rules, and so forth, perform research using what is present in the game's data, the wiki, or whatever, compare your findings to the game's manual, and compile a highly-detailed report on what the manual lacks, needs fixing, and so forth for writers. We expect the report to be organized and well-written, so that anyone can use it to produce what is needed for the manual.

When researching, use 1.9.2 and above; do not use anything from the 1.8 series.

Also, when proofreading the manual, be sure to keep our style guide in mind; mention any non-conformance in your report:

As for curly quotes in the manual, you will have to read the manual's WML to see check for straight quotes, for GUI1 does not render curly quotes as curly.


For a student with the necessary skills, the difficulty ranges from easy to moderate.


We expect you to deliver your report as a plaintext document.

More Information:

For more information, please join the #wesnoth-dev channel on the Freenode IRC network and ask Espreon.