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Google Code-in 2010 The Battle For Wesnoth

Port AI WML configuration to new style syntax in The Rise Of Wesnoth campaign

completed by: Alexey Morozov

mentors: Iurii Chernyi

Wesnoth uses a custom markup language called WML, which can be edited by hand (it's similar to xml)

AI configuration can be written using WML.

In 2009, a new style syntax for writing AI configurations in Wesnoth was created.

We need to convert existing AI syntax to new style.

The preferred way to do it is to teach wesnoth's custom WML conversion tool, wmllint, (written in python) to do it, or to write a helper script to do it. Or it can be done by hand. In any case, human review is required, to see that everything is ok.

For technical details, see

For finishing this task, convert all scenarios of The Rise Of Wesnoth campaign.
Be sure to test your changes.