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Google Code-in 2010 WordPress

Give a presentation at a local WordPress meetup

completed by: Julian

mentors: Jane Wells

If you live in a city with a local WordPress meetup (search for WordPress in your area at, arrange to attend an upcoming meetup and give a short presentation about how you are using WordPress. Task completion will depend on the meetup organizer confirming that you attended, gave a presentation, and behaved appropriately and professionally during your visit. You will also need to write up and submit a short summary of what went on at the meetup and what your presentation included. This task is only available if there is a meetup during the contest. Since multiple students can do this in different locations, don't claim the task until the day of your local meetup, as it will only grant you 48 hours to complete the task. 


When you claim a task, please include a short description of your experience with WordPress and any relevant information that will help us judge the likelihood that you will succeed at this task. Since only one student can claim a task at a time, if it doesn't seem like a good fit for your skills, we can recommend a different task