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[bbPress] - Improve anonymous user handling

completed by: Gautam

mentors: John James Jacoby

The above tickets have to do with anonymous user handling regarding topics and replies. Since using WordPress post types, we're creating a lot of custom use cases for introducing authorless posts into the posts table. To do this, we need to make sure anonymous users are validated as much as possible before being allowed to post. We need to drop the appropriate cookies to make sure we're allowing those users to easily post again once they've done so once. We also need to make sure we're handling those users appropriately when deleting their topics/replies and/or marking them as spam.

I see these three tickets as being grouped together as one task, because they all deal with the same code.

You can use existing bbPress and WordPress code for examples.

When you claim a task, please include a short description of your experience with WordPress and any relevant information that will help us judge the likelihood that you will succeed at this task. Since only one student can claim a task at a time, if it doesn't seem like a good fit for your skills, we can recommend a different task.