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Create a Network Admin UI For Editing "Signup" Multisite Users

completed by: chalet16

mentors: Austin Matzko

Currently, it's possible to register a user and have that registration disappear so that it's inaccessible to administrators.  See WP Trac ticket #16001.

The fix for this task should be made against development (trunk) WordPress.

How to reproduce the problem:

  • In current development (3.1) WordPress Site Admin, go to Users > Add New
  • Add a new user
  • You get a message to the effect of, said user needs to respond to an invitation.
  • If this user doesn't respond or the email fails to reach the user, there is no way to edit the invitation.
  • The result is that for the next couple of days, the email and username are reserved and therefore unusable for creating an account. 
A solution would be along the lines of listing signed-up users in the admin, as perhaps a pseudo user-filter, like the user role links of "Administrator" or "Subscriber" currently allow you to do.  Admins should be able to delete the signup or edit the user info, such as the signup's email or user name.