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Google Code-in 2010 WordPress

Write an article about WordPress for your school newspaper (instance #3)

completed by: xsythe

mentors: Jane Wells

WordPress has grown over the past 7 years through word of mouth, not through fancy ad campaigns. Continue to help spread awareness of WordPress by writing an article of 500-1,000 words about the application, the community and/or its involvement in programs like Code-in for your school newspaper. Your article needs to have accurate information about the history of WordPress, the nature of the development process, etc., so research it online, ask questions in the IRC channel, check your facts, etc. You should get an official logo from to give to the newspaper's editor along with your article.

Completion of this task is not simply finishing the article, but submitting it to the editor and revising it per their comments, so you will need to provide the contact information for the faculty advisor and student editor of the school newspaper so that we can verify that you've turned it in. You will need to provide us with your original submitted draft as well as any revisions requested by the editor. Bear in mind that successful outreach requires effective communication, so if your article is not accurate, or is poorly written and won't be published, then you will not get credit for this task. If you're a good writer, though, this task should be easy, and is representative of how many people spread the word about WordPress.

When you claim a task, please include a short description of your experience with WordPress and any relevant information that will help us judge the likelihood that you will succeed at this task. Since only one student can claim a task at a time, if it doesn't seem like a good fit for your skills, we can recommend a different task.