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OVQT Plugin: Implement Sheets Display Dialog

completed by: Michał Koźmińśki

mentors: Matt Raykowski

The goal of this task is to take the tool code/nel/tools/misc/disp_sheet_id and create a new dialog which will be available through a plugin in Object Viewer Qt (see code/nel/tools/3d/object_viewer_qt/src/plugins/example/). The new plugin should implement the functionality of disp_sheet_id except instead of outputting to a text file it should populate a Qt table. A mockup is available.

The UI elements will be:

  • Button: Refresh - deletes the contents of the table and re-runs the display sheet logic, repopulating the table.
  • Button: Close - cleans up and then gracefully closes the dialog box.
  • Table: sheet data - Contains two columns: sheet id and sheet name.

It will be implied that your search paths are properly configured by Object Viewer Qt. Thus the command line arguments from the existing tool are irrelevant. The table should be read-only to prevent confusion.