GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 GNOME Project

Investigate usability of GNOME applications on netbooks

completed by: grantbdev

mentors: Andika Triwidada, Nick Richards

  • Investigate usability of GNOME applications when used on netbooks with 1024x600 pixel screen. Results should be listed on a page in, covering some points:
    • application name
    • usability status: good/some problem/unusable; example for problems are: minimum window/dialog size are bigger than display area, buttons in dialog are located outside of display area
    • detailed info about which window/dialog having usability problem (name of the window, preferably the steps to get that window displayed)
    • screenshot of those problems
    • Expected results: usability table on
    • Requirements: netbook with 1024x600 resolution running GNOME 3.2 or a GNOME 3.2 guest VM run in a 1024x600 window; English; structured approach to testing welcome (and explaining your plans in the task before starting with it)