GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 GNOME Project

Investigate using libssh in Vinagre

completed by: PaulK

mentors: David King

  • Investigate what changes would be required in Vinagre to replace the current command-line SSH client support with libssh. There are some difficult low-level problems ( ) with the current SSH handling, and libssh should make the SSH code more robust for users, and easier to maintain for developers. * It would be good to have an idea of: * What API is needed to setup an SSH terminal session * What API is needed to setup an SSH tunnel * How to integrate libssh into the GLib mainloop (might be worth looking at the Remmina implementation of this)
  • Expected results: A bug report with a moderately detailed description of how to use libssh in Vinagre. No code is required, but links to API documentation are encouraged.
  • Requirements: C programming, GLib / GIO programming, English