GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 GNOME Project

Clean up and restructure the GNOME Translation Project wiki frontpage

completed by: Ivaylo Kalinov Markov

mentors: Andre Klapper

  • GNOME is available in many languages. Apart from trying to get more people into translating and having more supported languages, there are also many things worth to know for existing translators, but the content is not easily "findable" on the wiki pages under . Your task is to provide a draft for a new and cleaner structure for . This requires reading and understanding which wikipages contain which content, plus it might also require creating new pages, deleting existing pages, or splitting/moving content. * To get an idea (that does not mean "copy it", just one possible idea), take a look at the old version of the frontpage of the Documentation wikipages on , and the current (simplified and better structured) version on . * This task is a mixture of Training (for existing translators), Outreach (for new contributors), and Translation (the area).
  • Expected results: A draft for a revamped TranslationProject wiki frontpage, preferably delivered as a separate wikipage on (please do not edit the existing page directly). Resolving this task might need more than one iteration plus some reviews, so it is better to ask for feedback early and not at the very last moment.
  • Requirements: Skills in organizing and structuring information; interest in Localization and understanding of commonly needed information, understanding Wiki markup (quite easy)