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Google Code-in 2011 GNOME Project

Improve the Evolution user documentation

completed by: Brian

mentors: Andre Klapper

  • The user documentation of Evolution ( ) was rewritten for GNOME 3.2: . The old documentation in DocBook format looked like this: . The new documentation in Mallard format looks like this: . Your task is to fix the two bug reports (create a help page for problems with offline usage of Evolution) and (write an introduction page for users that use Evolution for the first time and don't know what it is), and to fix (the instructions on that page are partially wrong as the toolbar of the editor has been split into two toolbars for plain text and HTML mode, so this needs an update. Maybe we also need a way to describe the non-HTML-only functions for plain text mail somewhere?). After checking out Evolution from GNOME Git you can find the user documentation in the folder /help/C/. Before attaching the patches, check for syntax errors (either by using xmllint, or by simply starting "yelp ." in the docs folder and checking the output of the parser on the command line), and make sure when adding new pages to the documentation to update the list of files in help/!
  • Expected results: Two patches (preferable git format-patch) to fix the issues, attached to the corresponding bug reports in GNOME Bugzilla.
  • Requirements: Git, Mallard, a recent version of Evolution (3.2), good writing skills in English.