GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 GNOME Project

Research and write up Sudoku strategies.

completed by: Radoslav Asparuhov

mentors: Tiffany Antopolski

  • Expected results: Well researched and documented Sudoku strategies written in Mallard XML  (with example screenshots and/or a screencast video) and submitted as a git-format patch.
  • Requirements: install gnome-games, understand how to play Sudoku, a good-command of English and ability to organise material and, write and explain concepts clearly.  An understanding of Mallard XML, irc, gnome bugzilla and Git is a great asset.
  • If you are interested in writing this up in Mallard XML, you can get the current up-to-date version of the gnome-sudoku docs from by typing in terminal:
    • git clone git://
    • then type:
      cd gnome-games/gnome-sudoku/help/C
    • and then type
    • This enables you to view the Sudoku docs docs using Yelp.
  • The Strategy page is what will write in this task.  It is the stub.
  • Read the current docs to familiarise yourself with the terminology the current documentation authors are using, in order to maintain consistency.
  • I can be found on #docs on  My nick is mimico.