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Google Code-in 2011 GNOME Project

Add section describing how to use Glade and Gtk.Builder to Python GTK+ 3 Tutorial

completed by: _Vincent

mentors: Sebastian Pölsterl

  • The Python GTK+ 3 Tutorial is currently missing a section that describes how to use GUIs created with glade. During this task you should describe the most important classes and methods one needs to import a glade file and access widgets. In addition, a short example application that demonstrates the usage of the aforementioned classes and methods should be added. Unfortunately, currently no Python GTK+ 3 reference manual exists, but it is relativity easy to derive the API from the C reference manual. Helpful resources are the GTK+ 3 reference manual and gtkmm3 tutorial.
  • Expected results: A new page in reStructuredText format
  • Requirements: Sphinx, Git, Glade, PyGObject, Python, English