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Google Code-in 2011 GNOME Project

Add new game screens in GNOME Games

completed by: Mike H

mentors: Robert Ancell

The GNOME Games project is wants to have a "new game screen"  (see   A "new game screen" is a screen that is shown when loaded that shows a preview of the different game modes (e.g. easy, medium hard) and the game preferences available.  In a single click the user should then be started in the game of their choosing.  See Sudoku for how a screen should look.  The student should pick one of the games listed there and create a new game screen for it, it is suggested that gnomine, gnotravex or mahjongg will be the easiest.

You will need to know the following skills:

  • How to use the GNOME issue tracker,
  • How to use the GIT version control system
  • How to program in the Vala language
  • How to use the GTK+ GUI toolkit

For more information see:


To complete this task you need to:

  1. Note in the bug that you are working on this feature
  2. Check out the master version of GNOME Games from the git repository
  3. Compile a local version of the game to be developed
  4. Modify the source code to add the feature
  5. Test and confirm the feature works
  6. Get your changes as a patch and update the bug about the feature