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Google Code-in 2011 GNOME Project

Remove statusbar from GNOME Games

completed by: Marto1

mentors: Robert Ancell

The GNOME Games project is removing the legacy statusbar from the games (see   The student should pick one of the games listed there to remove the statusbar from, it is suggested that gnotravex or mahjongg will be the easiest.

You will need to know the following skills:

  • How to use the GNOME issue tracker,
  • How to use the GIT version control system
  • How to program in the Vala language
  • How to use the GTK+ GUI toolkit

For more information see:


To complete this task you need to:

  1. Note in the bug that you are working on this feature
  2. Check out the master version of GNOME Games from the git repository
  3. Compile a local version of the game to be developed
  4. Modify the source code to add the feature
  5. Test and confirm the feature works
  6. Get your changes as a patch and update the bug about the feature