GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 GNOME Project

Help create documentation for glChess

completed by: Brian

mentors: Tiffany Antopolski

  • Create topic-based help for users of glChess (part of gnome-games) (see bug 649146).
  • Propose additional topics that you may think would be useful to users.
  • Fill in stub pages with user help, and/or write your own from scratch. Existing stubs that need content include introduction, rules, how to play, save and resume, change board orientation, change promotion type, keyboard shortcuts, and more.
  • Expected results: 5 or more topics fully documented (and attached to the bug in the form of a git format-patch: one patch per topic is preferred). Existing topics reviewed and other topics proposed, if need be.
  • Requirements: install gnome-games and gnome-games-extra, understand the game, a good-command of English and ability to write and explain concepts clearly. An understanding of Mallard, gnome bugzilla and Git is a great asset.
  • Steps:
    • Get the current version of the docs from by typing in terminal:
      git clone git://
    • then type:
      cd gnome-games/glchess/help/C
    • and then type
    • This enables you to view the current state of the docs using Yelp.
  • I can be found on irc GimpNet (gnome), #docs and #gnome-games.  My nick is mimico.