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Google Code-in 2011 The Perl Foundation

Write a test for bug RT #76046, Can't use &[+] in infix:<...> series in Rakudo

completed by: djanatyn

mentors: Moritz Lenz, Tadeusz SoĊ›nierz

In the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler, we only close bug reports when both the error is gone, and a test runs that ensures the problem doesn't reappear.

Write a test for the bug reported at It should go into the "roast" repository at into file S03-sequence/basic.t. Submit the test as a pull request on github, with "GCI" in the title.

Verify that the test passes on current rakudo. To do that, clone the rakudo/rakudo repository from github, and run the commands

perl --gen-parrot
make testable
perl t/harness --fudge path/to/your/roast/repo/S03-sequence/basic.t