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Google Code-in 2012 KDE

Trojitá: Multiple e-mail sender identities

completed by: Mohammed Nafees

mentors: Jan Kundrát

Trojitá, a fast IMAP e-mail client, currently has support for only one sender identity. The topic of this task is to add appropriate support to the settings dialog for defining multiple sender identities, so that people with e.g. a personal e-mail address and a work-provided one can easily select which one to use when replying to their pointy-haired bosses.

Required skills

You should be familiar with basic Qt programming. No knowledge of KDE's internals is required; you also don't need to know any specifics of e-mail protocols.

What needs to be done

The source code is available in KDE's git repository, the code of the settings widget is in the src/Gui/SettingsDialog.cpp file. There are currently two QLineEdit input boxes in the IdentityPage for specifying the user's full name and her e-mail address. This will have to change so that it supports multiple entries. One way to do so is to show a list of defined identities with buttons to remove, add and edit them. The GUI shall be specified using QtDesigner's .ui files (and converting the the IndetityPage to .ui code might be a good start).

Some glue C++ code shall be added so that the data are saved through QSettings.

The composer of the e-mail addresses already supports multiple identities, it just shows a single-item combobox for now. You don't have to modify it to complete this task.

How to get in touch

I'm available as jkt on, channel #trojita. It's also fine to contact me at I'll be happy to help.