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Google Code-in 2013 Apertium

Ensure an Apertium language pair does not mess up (X)HTML formatting (English and Catalan) [2]

completed by: DarkGaia

mentors: Mikel L. Forcada

(It may help to have performed the task 'Examples of files where an Apertium language pair messes up (X)HTML formatting' above). The task: (1) run the file through Apertium try to identify where the tags are broken or lost: this is most likely to happen in a structural transfer step; try to identify the rule where the label is broken or lost (2) repair the rule: a conservative strategy is to make sure that all superblanks (<b pos="..."/>) are output and are in the same order as in the source file. This may involve introducing new simple blanks (<b/>) and advancing the output of the superblanks coming from the source. (3) test again (4) Submit a patch to your mentor (or commit it if you have already gained developer access)