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Google Code-in 2013 Apertium

merge mutantmonkey and jonorthwash branches of phenny (git)

completed by: mattr555

mentors: Jonathan Washington

Using the power of git(hub), merge the jonorthwash and mutantmonkey branches of phenny.

This is probably best done by being added as a collaborator on the jonorthwash branch, merging in  updates from the mutantmonkey branch from the last year (being careful not to break or replace any new modules!), and then sending a pull request to the mutantmonkey branch (or several, e.g. based on types of updates (new modules versus fixes in existing modules, etc.)) for important jonorthwash-branch updates and new apertium-specific modules.

This task is best done by someone familiar with the phenny source code and who has some experience with git merges.

To reiterate: be careful not to break anything!