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Google Code-in 2013 BRL-CAD

Write an article soliciting a Windows platform maintainer

completed by: Alex

mentors: Sean

BRL-CAD runs on a number of platforms and distributes releases many times a year. Creating a release for any particular binary platform, like Windows or Mac OS X or Linux, is delegated to a ''release maintainer''. We currently have maintainers for a number of platforms but do not have one for Windows. Basically, it's a volunteer job, it's a lot of work, but not very hard and very rewarding. There are thousands of binary downloads every month, so lots of people benefit from a maintainer's efforts.

This task involves writing a brief solicitation article announcing our interest for a maintainer, describing the responsibilities involved, and telling them how to take up this responsibility. Come talk to us on IRC for more specific details.


  • (See the release section near the bottom to see what maintainers do)

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