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Google Code-in 2013 BRL-CAD

Report on our 2012 GCI patch submissions

completed by: agkphysics

mentors: Andrei

BRL-CAD participated in GCI 2012.  We had more than 100 tasks get completed.  We received dozens of source code change submissions spread across those tasks.

This task involves going over the list of all our 2012 tasks and itemizing the code changes (patches) received into a spreadsheet (with hyperlinks).  Include the student's name and a blank status field (to be filled in later).

Upon completion, we will create a follow-on task to detail the status of that work, whether those tasks were applied to our source code (either directly or indirectly), required more work, hasn't been reviewed yet, or some other status.

You can write and submit a script to do this, or you can set up and fill in the spreadsheet manually.