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Google Code-in 2013 BRL-CAD

Model a martini glass for a business card diagram

completed by: Sharan Narayan

mentors: Andrei

This is a follow-on to

This task involves modeling a simple martini glass in 3D using non-sketch primitives (probably almost entirely tgc/rcc objects) with two regions and one top-level group.  There should be no overlaps with the goal being to reproduce the basic outline as shown in the preceding business card design that the follows.

Note that in order to get the top "edge" like shown on the business card, you'll probably have to create an inward or outward "lip" on the glass.  You goal is to match the diagram outlines as closely as possible, except for the interior "liquid".  The liquid will just be a simple tgc/rcc.

You can use "rt" or "rtedge" but the latter will more faithfully get you the desired result.  Use "rtcheck" and/or "gqa"/"g_qa" to test for overlaps.

You may use MGED or Archer or create the model procedurally with any scripting language (see our wiki tutorials).  Submit your .g file or a script that generates the model.