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Google Code-in 2013 BRL-CAD

Fix Visual Studio Express build issues

completed by: Станислав Берегов

mentors: starseeker

This is a follow-on task to

Станислав was able to get BRL-CAD compiled using Visual Studio Express 2012 but only after making several modifications.  The purpose of this task is to turn those quick fixes into more permanent, proper corrections.

Looking at the build notes, this minimally will include fixing (if not already fixed):

  • a syntax error in dm-wgl.c
  • an unresolved symbol, db5_attr_std
  • some include path failure (shouldn't need to copy zlib.h/zconf.h/regex.h, they're in other dirs that should be searched during compilation where needed)
If you cannot figure out the include path failure, at least submit a succinct compilation example (from the verbose compilation log) that shows the compile line and the compile error that results.



Using our latest trunk sources from SVN, submit a patch file of changes that get BRL-CAD compiling by default with Visual Studio Express.