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Google Code-in 2013 BRL-CAD

Model the BRL-CAD symmetrically

completed by: Sharan Narayan

mentors: Sean

This is a follow-on task to that anyone may claim.

This task involves adjusting the 3D logo model so that it is perfectly symmetric.  You will need to use either MGED or Archer to edit the .g file, learn/know the basics of modeling with BRL-CAD, and edit the model to make this change.


  • Introduction to MGED at 

To do this task, you will likely use either the 'oed' command or the Matrix edit mode and/or learn how to appropriately rotate objects.  This may only require a simple rotation or it may require something more extensive.

This task will be validated by running "rt -s1024", bringing that image into Photoshop or Gimp, duplicating the layer, flipping the duplicate horizontally, and then adjusting the layer compositing to "Exclusion" so that alignment can be seen.  You can try that process yourself to know when you're done.  Here's how that looks if they're not symmetric: