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Google Code-in 2013 BRL-CAD

Fix at least 8 spelling mistakes in at least 8 different files #6

completed by: Peter Amidon

mentors: Sean

BRL-CAD is huge. Thousands of files spread across 165 directories. Maintaining a high quality of source code and documentation is a never ending task, but one anyone can help with.

Sound's easy, but you might be surprised because you need to ignore all of the source code and function variables that will easily trip up any automatic spell-check program. You basically only care about spelling mistakes within comments. Even for our documentation, much of it is formatted in xml and you have to ignore all of the xml tags.

This task involves finding and fixing simple spelling mistakes (not grammar, punctuation, etc). To complete the task, you need to find 8 or more different spelling mistakes in at least 8 different files. You have to fix all occurrences of the spelling mistake across all those files. Make sense?

Remember to check and fix all occurrences of the mistakes in all 8+ files, make and submit it as a patch file.

BE SURE TO HAVE UP-TO-DATE SOURCES!!! We find and fix spelling mistakes on a daily basis and throughout the day. You have to find mistakes that are not already fixed or reported.

To clarify:

  • 1 mistake in 7 different files counts as: 1 and 7
  • 20 mistakes in 2 files counts as: >8 and 2
  • 5 mistakes across 20 files counts as: 5 and >8
  • You need to find: >=8 mistakes AND >=8 files