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Google Code-in 2013 BRL-CAD

Write an article about BRL-CAD's Online Geometry Viewer

completed by: Mohamed Hammeda

mentors: Harmanpreet

BRL-CAD has considerable user base spread across the globe. BRL-CAD team keep introducing new services and features for benefit of users. Moving in this direction, a recently started project "BRl-CAD Online Geometry Viewer" is an effort to facilitate BRL-CAD users to manage geometry files (.g files). Currently in development state, once launched for production use, this application would provide features such as upload, view, store, and share BRL-CAD geometry files (.g files). In addition to such features, it will also give a good online exposure to BRL-CAD project.

Feel free to include technical information about the implementation or focus on the features, interface, or ideals. This application is based on a popular open source 3D JS library called ThreeJS, for example. You're welcome to ask questions on our brlcad-devel mailing list (you can interview the author if you like). Be creative and informative.

You need to write an introductory article to explain users about this service. Post a draft of your article to our Community Publication Portal when you're done: