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Google Code-in 2013 BRL-CAD

Write an article ''BRL-CAD for Newbies''

completed by: Cameron

mentors: Sean

Although BRL-CAD has extensive documentation, still it needs a short and simple document (one or two pages) which particularly targets new users.

This task involves writing a article named '''BRL-CAD for newbies'''. This article should start with the installation process, providing links to any relevant existing installation documentation. The main motive of this article to empower the new user to make his/her first model using BRL-CAD. Be sure to use simplistic introductory language and if you need to mention some technical term, first explain that term.

The output of this task can be a pdf, html, doc, odt or any other document file that contains this article. See the reference links provided. Use screenshots and/or images to make it look attractive so that the reader is not bored.