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Google Code-in 2013 BRL-CAD

Add BRL-CAD newbie article to our wiki

completed by: Cameron

mentors: Sean

This is a follow-on task to that anyone may claim after that task is completed.

This task involves adding that task to the BRL-CAD wiki as a new tutorial.  Add the article to as well as to the Main_Page under the tutorial section.  Add all images, cropped appropriately (this is important!), and sized so that they are legible.

This task MOSTLY involves preparing the images so that they look good and work well on the wiki as an article.  If you just add them to the wiki as-is without doing anything to them, your task will be rejected.  You need to crop the images to meaningful areas.  You might want to add annotations or zoom in on areas or change the contrast so that they're easier to see.  You may even need to recreate some images so that the wireframes are easy to see.

Of course, proof-read the article and make sure there are no grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.  See the numerous other tutorials listed on the main wiki page for examples to follow and ideas.