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Google Code-in 2013 BRL-CAD

Design a T-Shirt for BRL-CAD #5

completed by: Marie Gita

mentors: Daniel Rossberg

This task involves designing a T-Shirt for BRL-CAD. Use your designing skills to design a T-Shirt for BRL-CAD. You can use the current BRL-CAD logo, or you may tweak it. Be creative while designing this T-Shirt. It would be good if the design has some special meaning.

Logo References:


You are encouraged to discuss and share progress with the developers for interactive feedback.  Look at some of the other completed GCI design tasks for inspiration but create an original work.  Submit your artwork as raw editable files (ideally with layers in case we need to edit the design) and join the brlcad-news mailing list to hear if we use your design at some point in the future.

Be awesome, be creative.  Make yours better than the rest. ;)