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Google Code-in 2013 BRL-CAD

Create unit tests for our numerics math library (LIBBN) #5

completed by: agkphysics

mentors: Gauravjeet Singh

There are dozens of files in our core LIBBN library. As a core library used by nearly every one of BRL-CAD's tools, testing those functions for correct behavior is important.


  • include/bn.h
  • include/plot3.h
  • include/vmath.h
  • src/libbn/rand.c
  • src/libbu/tests/*.c (note libbu, not libbn for examples)
  • src/libbn/tests/*.c (also many examples, but not as good)


  • src/libbn/tests/rand.c
  • src/libbn/tests/CMakeLists.txt

This task involves implementing a new unit test for any of LIBBN's source files that do not already have a unit test defined.  The test should run at least 10 public functions if there are multiple functions defined within one of our source files.

Some files, like our mat.c file, have LOTS of functions.  You don't have to test them all!  Just test at least 10 of them and if any prove to be challenging, let us know before you invest more than an hour.  Your unit test(s) must be hooked into our build system and "should" pass.  If you find a genuine bug, let us know (we can create follow-on tasks for any you investigate and fix).  We have lots of existing unit tests to follow as an example.

Submit your new unit test and build system changes as a patch file.  Let us know about any problems or bugs encountered.