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Google Code-in 2013 BRL-CAD

Create unit tests for plane.c "point" functions

completed by: Peter Amidon

mentors: Sean

There are more than 300 library functions in our core LIBBN library. As a core library used by nearly every one of BRL-CAD's tools, testing those functions for correct behavior is important.


  • include/bn.h
  • include/plot3.h
  • include/vmath.h
  • src/libbn/qmath.c
  • src/libbu/tests/*.c (note libbu, not libbn for examples)
  • src/libbn/tests/*.c


  • src/libbn/tests/qmath.c
  • src/libbn/tests/CMakeLists.txt

This task involves implementing a new unit test for any of LIBBN's plane.c public point functions:

grep -E '^bn' plane.c  | sort | cut -f1 -d\( | sort | grep pt | grep -v _dist_ | grep -v _isect_