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Google Code-in 2013 BRL-CAD

Find, reliably reproduce, and report any bug in MGED

completed by: Sharan Narayan

mentors: Sean

MGED is one of BRL-CAD's modeling interface application. It undoubtedly has bugs. It's your job to find one, but do so in a manner that is so obvious that one of the other devs will be able to instantly reproduce the bug given your specific instructions. Find a way to make archer crash, become unresponsive, or otherwise behave incorrectly. You will have to explore the tool with minimal documentation.

This task involves filing a bug report with verifiable and reproducible steps that clearly demonstrate the bug. It can't be a bug already reported or otherwise documented nor can it be merely behavior you don't like.


  • mged
  • Introduction to MGED at (many of the mged commands are available in some fashion within archer)
  • BUGS file in any source/binary distribution