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Google Code-in 2013 BRL-CAD

Model BRL-CAD Logo Using BRL-CAD #2

completed by: Chan Ho Jun

mentors: Sean

The BRL-CAD Logo depicts two interlocked nodes. Modeling the new Logo in BRL-CAD in CSG (without NURBS, without polygons) requires some careful arrangement, but can provide an attractive three dimensional rendering that we can use for a number of purposes..

The output of this task will be a .g file of BRL-CAD logo and a rendered image. The two segments you model MUST be two or more regions hinged together (you can have center pins or not, you decide). This is your opportunity as an artist and 3D magician to come up with an interesting yet faithful interpretation.


  • Introduction to MGED at

Note that there are other logo modeling tasks and yours must start from scratch and be completely original. If we get a hint that yours was based off of or used measurements from some other model, you will be barred.

This command run within MGED should help give you an interesting render:

rt -A0.75 -s1024 -c {set ambSamples=256}