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Google Code-in 2013 BRL-CAD

Write a manual page for MGED's ''brep'' command

completed by: Alex

mentors: Sean

BRL-CAD's MGED geometry editor provides hundreds of commands. One of those commands for manipulating and visualizing geometry is the ''brep'' command.

This task involves writing a manual page for that command in the Docbook XML format. There are lots of examples to follow.


  • doc/docbook/system/mann/en/*.xml
  • (contains intro to mged and cheat sheets)
  • bin/mged (you'll need to run this to use the ''brep'' command)
  • bin/csgbrep (will create a slew of 'brep'/nurbs objects for the ''brep'' command)


  • doc/docbook/system/mann/en/brep.xml (you write this)
  • doc/docbook/system/mann/en/CMakeLists.txt (you edit this)

Running ''make'' in a build directory will compile your documentation into html and man page format so you can validate the syntax and formatting. See [[Compiling]] for help.