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Google Code-in 2013 BRL-CAD

Write a step by step tutorial on modeling a simple toy car with BRL-CAD

completed by: Sharan Narayan

mentors: Sean

This task involves writing a tutorial for creating a simple car model using BRL-CAD. This tutorial should be easy for a new user to understand. Use screenshots and images for each step. The toy car model should be such that it can be printed using a 3d printer, which means your model must be devoid of overlaps (run the rtcheck and/or gqa commands in 'mged'). You will need to go through the introductory modeling references below to learn some of the basics of modeling with BRL-CAD.

The output of this task can be a pdf, html, doc, odt or any other document file that contains this article. Submit your .g for review as well.