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Google Code-in 2013 Drupal

Document 3 Open Source Mobile CMS Interfaces

completed by: Denis

mentors: Varunity


Find and install mobile apps and mobile user interfaces (UIs) from Open Source content management systems (CMSs) other than Drupal, and add screenshots of their UI in a wiki on -- the Drupal usability team would like to discover and draw inspiration from as many mobile interfaces that other CMSs offer as they can.

Deliverables: Make screenshots of the mobile interfaces for 3 CMSs other than Drupal and share this research with the Drupal community. Create an account on D.O. and join the Usability group: Log in and create 3 wiki pages with a title like "Mobile CMS screen shots of CMSNAME on DEVICE" (where CMSNAME is the name of the CMS you tried, and DEVICE is the mobile device you used). Upload your images, and make a page that tells what CMS you tried, and what the screenshots are (i.e., which tasks you were doing on your mobile device during each screen shot). Save the page.

Resources: Screenshots and uploading images:
Document Mobile CMS Interfaces:

Can provide access to BrowserStack tool: