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Google Code-in 2013 Drupal

Find a Drupal 8 novice issue and work on it

completed by: Mark Klein

mentors: Janez Urevc

Description: Issues in Drupal cor can be tagged with different tags. One of most common ones is "Novice" tag, which indicates issues that should be very easy to fix and are appropriate for new contributors. 

Find one of the tasks, that are marked with "Novice" tag. You can pick issues that either need code or reviews. List of appropriate issues can be found in Drupal core issue queue. Do not pick issues that are already assigned to someone else.

Mentor can help you pick an issue that should fit your experience level.

Deliverables: Link to issue where you provided code (if issue in "Active" or "Needs work" state) or review of an existing patch (if issue in "Needs review" state).