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Google Code-in 2013 Drupal

Create/suggest a new ladder with lessons - GCI Students

completed by: Vijay Nandwani

mentors: Matthew Lechleider

Create/suggest a new ladder with lessons at - GCI Students.

Review the website above and the various ladders/lessons. It is important to note any issues as Drupal 8 is not out yet and you might be one of the first reading the ladders for Drupal 8. If you find any issues, document while providing feedback on how to resolve.

Then create a ladder specifically for GCI students to utilize next year.  What did you need to learn about Drupal to help out during the GCI contest?

Deliverables: Create a ladder with lesson and upload to Document everything you can remember from GCI and how you can help students get started faster next year. Provide a link to your ladder when finished.