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Google Code-in 2013 Drupal

Drupal 8 Multi-site

completed by: Vadim Khamzin

mentors: Abdul

"Drupal 8 Multi-site" Develop a Drupal site and sub sites (mini sites) using one code base and multipple databases

Setup 2 different Drupal website that will have all the same functions with different themes and different database (One Code base and multiple databases). Multisite has been one of Drupal's best features since Drupal 4 and it is important we fully test its capabilities in Drupal 8 as many websites depends on this type of configuration and make it work even better. It is very important this process and documented/tested very well prior to Drupal 8 being released.

Deliverables: Two websites that will be using the same modules and folders but will have different content and users due to having separate databases.

Resources: Research on settings.php configuration and folder settings to call the settings.php file for sites.